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Allow your customers the chance to pay for goods & services in more than 50 cryptocurrencies. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shopperoo, Ripple, Dogecoin, Stable coins and more. Open up to more than 300m crypto wallet holders worldwide.

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With no setup or ongoing monthly fees, transactions are capped at up to 1%. Your business can save up to 80% on typical merchant fees when settling in your preferred fiat currency.

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We choose to partner with leading service providers at the top of their fields to ensure the best and safest experience for you, our customer.

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Australian owned & operated
Offshore somewhere
Lithuania, EU
Lithuania, EU
Setup & Fees
Implementation time
4-6 hours
24 hours
Up to 4 weeks
Up to 4 weeks
Setup Fee
up to $5,000
Up to $30,000
Transaction Fees
1% or less
Up to 3.5%
1% - 3%
Up to 2%
Customization & Sharing
Customizations & Branding
Content custom domains
Custom Transaction Fees
In-store POS
CMS (Shopify, Opencart, Woocommerce)
Offline Transactions
Web3 Wallets
Account Management
Wallet & Banking settings
Transaction Export
Layered User Permissions
Manual Invoicing
Transaction Risk Scoring

Frequently Asked

What is Shopperoo?

Shopperoo is a cryptoprocessing platform allowing merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments in-store or online. We allow instant conversion into fiat currency cancelling out any potential risk of crypto price volatility once a sale has been made.

Is Shopperoo a regulated service provider?

Shopperoo OÜ, our company that provides Shopperoo services, is licensed to provide cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia. As a licensed institution, we are obliged to identify our customers, and verify their identity using reliable sources (the process known as “Know-Your-Customer”) and maintain robust risk management procedures. This gives our clients peace of mind that their funds will not be commingled with illicit proceeds of bad actors.

How can I test or demo your service?

We can provide you with a trial account at Shopperoo, where you can familiarise yourself with the merchant dashboard and test all the tools. We can also walk you through an online demo for a more hands on approach. To request a demo please submit a request here.

How do I create an account with Shopperoo?

Please apply by filling in the registration form or send an email to [email protected] Our sales managers will contact you as soon as possible..

What crypto payments do you support?

At the moment we accept more than 50 altcoins (BTC, SRO, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, NEO, ADA, DOGE, USDT) and ERC20 tokens. Also, we have direct bank wire for deposits and withdrawals in EUR.

We are working on adding more currencies and alternative payment methods like credit cards, SWIFT and popular e-money services.

How can I convert altcoins to BTC?

Shopperoo provides the opportunity for both merchants and their end-users to send and receive over 50 cryptocurrencies inside their account in Shopperoo, crediting the counter-party’s balance in the required coin. This option is available in manual mode for end-users and with the help of API for business.

Can I convert crypto to AUD, USD, EUR etc?

Yes. Shopperoo has a built-in instant exchange function. It allows Shopperoo merchants to exchange the cryptocurrency paid by the customer into the fiat currency chosen by the seller immediately.

How often can I expect settled funds to be sent to my bank?

We make settlements by your request, we don't use rolling reserves so 100% of the funds are available for withdrawal anytime. Also, we have an auto withdrawal option for cryptocurrency: the system makes settlements automatically when the account balance reaches a certain threshold.

How safe is it to store with Shopperoo?

Customer funds are kept in a secure offline cold wallet that is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The operational wallet, often known as the "hot wallet," stores funds needed for automatic tasks like as making several payments to your clients. The Shopperoo operating funds are kept in this wallet. As a result, we've got you covered.

Prior to integration, the operator sets storage limits by deciding how much money he wants to keep in our system. All money (bankroll) that exceed these restrictions are automatically transferred to the operator's external address.

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