Shopperoo Inc. was founded in early 2021 with the goal of providing access to unbiased comparisons of leading products worldwide. We are launching a suite of services in 2021 beginning with the current offering you see today. Version 2 will be a fully fledged marketplace offering products from leading brands including Amazon, Target, Walmart, BestBuy, Home Depot and more. We are developing cryptocurrency payment support which will allow users to spend crypto balances on their favorite products. We are proud supporters of the crypto market and enabling ecommerce and crypto to work in tandem to change the world for the better.

In late 2021 we will be launching our browser extension enabling online shopping with crypto direct from your web browser, from any online store that accepts card payments. We are excited about this development and will announce more in due course.

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Meet The Writing Team

Adam is the editor/founder of Shopperoo Inc., and in charge of the strategy and growth of the website. He has been involved in marketing for over 14 years, focusing on reviews and product coverage. Adam oversees coverage of best picks, how-to guides and all things tech for Shopperoo.

Steve is a senior editor at Shopperoo, covering everything from Appliances to Wearables, and everything in between. A keen racing car driver, Steve is the Go Kart King of the office!

From Australia with a Masters of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Professional and Creative writing, Rubi enjoys travelling and have worked in many industries from the hospitality industry to the entertainment industry. Rubi enjoys writing and has previously worked as a content writer, copyeditor and publishing aide for Melbourne Books.

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