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Who we are

Shopperoo began as a marketplace to allow 'hodlers' of cryptocurrencies to spend their balances on everyday items. We have since morphed into something much larger: a payment gateway for businesses across the world to process hundreds of cryptocurrencies with instant conversion into a fiat ($ £ €...) currency of their choice.

Where we started

Like all good things in this world, the conception of Shopperoo in early 2021 was born out of necessity. The need for a place to spend your crypto on tangible, everyday products. We achieved success in this step and decided to expand our horizons to emcompass the commerce industry, both on and offline, as a whole.

Where we're at

Now, we are a fully integrated solution building the future of payments, starting with technical teams. Our product use is growing daily, our team has expanded, and we're powering payments at some pretty awesome places. We are always looking for more partners and members to join our team.


Shopperoo Technologies Pty Ltd
Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia 4225
ABN: 91 658 394 122

Located in Coolangatta on Queensland's Gold Coast 🏄

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Our Values

Our principles represent who we are as a group and help to build our culture. They're meant to help us get from where we are now to where we want to go. Because every team member contributes to our culture, it's critical that we define our values.


Strive for greater heights. We plan and construct for the long haul. Strive for great, ambitious results while iterating with tiny modifications. Avoid the comfort zone; where we are now is merely the beginning, not the end.


Take charge and take ownership of your situation. Anyone can drive, and anyone can take the wheel. "It's not my job" isn't a valid excuse. When you notice a problem, don't wait for someone else to remedy it; take charge of it yourself.


Hold yourself accountable for the outcomes. We are motivated by outcomes rather than efforts. We hold each other to facts rather than our own personal perceptions.


The effect of integrating individual skills is our collective impact. Practice, training, and learning all contribute to personal development. When you're faced with a problem you don't know how to address, use it as a learning opportunity for the team.


Give a f*ck. Caring for consumers entails being concerned about their accomplishments. Caring should also extend to the team, assisting them in achieving and learning in order to better fulfil our objective.


It's okay to say it and accept it. Be open and honest. Hold yourself and others to a higher standard. The focus of feedback is always on your work, not on you as a person. In your communication, be respectful, truthful, and real.

Team player

Make the most of your team. No one can achieve high ambition on their own. Utilize the team's diverse skills to produce a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Plan and construct. As a young firm, there is still much to be built, and everyone should contribute to architecting and constructing long-term solutions in addition to day-to-day operations.

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Coolangatta, Australia
Coolangatta, Australia
Blockchain Developer
Gold Coast, Australia
Lead Developer
Gold Coast, Australia
Business Development
Los Angeles, USA
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